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IE7 Security Updates; really secure?

by on Dec.30, 2008, under Computers, Funny, windows

So, we all see them, we install them because we think they are very important, which they are.

Until you stumble accross this, like myself and a friend at work did today.

We were investigating some issues with a server acting wonky (we then realized it was broken into), but in the midst of investingating, we realied there was a c:\windows\ie7\iexplore.exe file, which ran….and looks like ie6.   Aparrently, its the IE6 skin, with the IE7 rendering engine.  Normally IE7 is ran from c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe.

So, out of curiousity, we did a file search for iexplore.exe….Woah, my friend had 12, and I had 31!

To top it all off, they all have different versions!  So in reality, if you run your windows updates, someone can still use the old version unless you clean them up!

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