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VMWare ESXi, Linux, and Sub Interfaces

by on Apr.13, 2009, under Computers, Linux, Work

So I thought it was time to add something useful again to my blog.

Working with something for work, I had to configure a FC4 box with multiple IPs on different subnets, binding them to a sub nterface (eth0:1, eth0:2 and so on)

When we first got everythng on, only the primary IP address were working (bound to eth0 and eth1).  All other interfaces were resolving to the physical ESXi servers MAC address on the switch, which is no good.  After looking around, I found out there wasn’t support for this, everyone was saying to configure a Brige, or NAT everything through the local machine, which would NOT work out in our situation.

So after thinking a bit, I remembered the other issue we had with older OpenBSD 3.8 machines and the native VIC driver which was making the machines randomly crash reporting an unsupported mode.  Well the resolution for that was to shut down the guest, and add in ethernet0.VirtualDev = “e1000” and ethernet1.VirtualDev = “e1000” to the guest-name.vmx file.  So I figured I would try this on the Fc4 machine too, figuring I couldn’t lose anything.  Well, I didn’t lose anything, but I gained a working ssystem, with sub-interfaces!

So for all of those out there with weird networing issues on an ESXi (ESX as well) guests, try changing the network emulation from built-in VIC to intel e1000!

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ATT Fuze Transforming sounds

by on Mar.22, 2009, under Computers, Funny, Mobile

So I am browsing around my Fuze registry, just being bored, and I stumbled upon the registry settings to add/change the open/close sound effects (yea I probably could have googled for it, but its more fun to find it yourself!).

After finding it, thinking back to what I said when my friend Chris got his phone with open/close sound effects, “dude, I so want that, Id make it play the transformers sounds!”

Well, now I have a phone that supports it, and well, I did it!

You will need 2 things. The Zip file, and a registry editor for Windows Mobile phones.

To install:

  • Extract the zip file contents to \Windows on the Phone
  • Import the .reg file
    • or Open the registry to:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\SlidingSound
    • Add a new Key and call it “5”  or whatever the next set of numbers are
    • Click on “5” or the new number you added in
    • Add a new String Value, call it “Default”, and for its Data, type in “Transformers”
    • Add another new String Value, call it “in”, and for the data, type “in_5.wav”
    • Add a final new String Value, call it “out”, and for the data, type “out_5.wav”
  • Finally change to the new sound effect in the Settings > Keyboard Sliding Sound application and test!
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Look at me, I’m french!

by on Mar.21, 2009, under Friends, Funny

This is Brian playing with his French Peeps in a large glass of Mtn Dew!

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by on Feb.28, 2009, under Uncategorized

So apparently, I had a twitter account and forgot about it. Since I hardly even update this site, I never even updated that.

So I messing around now, and added a plugin here to update twitter.

So if this works out, I should have a twitter update as well..

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PG Porn

by on Feb.15, 2009, under Blogroll, Funny

Porn thats Rated PG? Maybe PG-13 IMO, heh


Basically, porn without the…porn.

Pretty funny!

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by on Feb.04, 2009, under Funny, General


Take it, I got a 24-

Most of your friends are from the internet, and the only time you see them is when you drive six hours to a meetup or convention. You find it much easier to communicate with people on the internet rather than in face-to-face settings, and you never really feel comfortable in social situations. But you’re a god in some sphere, be it World of Warcraft, Second Life, some message board or a “scene.”

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IE7 Security Updates; really secure?

by on Dec.30, 2008, under Computers, Funny, windows

So, we all see them, we install them because we think they are very important, which they are.

Until you stumble accross this, like myself and a friend at work did today.

We were investigating some issues with a server acting wonky (we then realized it was broken into), but in the midst of investingating, we realied there was a c:\windows\ie7\iexplore.exe file, which ran….and looks like ie6.   Aparrently, its the IE6 skin, with the IE7 rendering engine.  Normally IE7 is ran from c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe.

So, out of curiousity, we did a file search for iexplore.exe….Woah, my friend had 12, and I had 31!

To top it all off, they all have different versions!  So in reality, if you run your windows updates, someone can still use the old version unless you clean them up!

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Kernel Lock outs?

by on Dec.22, 2008, under Computers, Linux

So I am sitting here, upgrading my servers (mostly gentoo) and on the world (full system) update, its telling me it wants to install a different version of the kernel.

Let me jump back for a second.  Gentoo has very good customizations on what you can do, and for instance, I originally installed the gentoo-sources-2.6.26-r1 on one of my servers, and told it not to upgrade anything newer.  Everythings been going fine, until today, when its like “oh, you can install 2.6.25-r9!”  But wait, thats a downgrade.  So I tell Gentoo not to install anything older then 2.6.26-r1, and then it complains.  “!!! Ebuilds for the following packages are either all masked or don’t exist: sys-kernel/gentoo-sources.”  Well, whatever.  So I undid those changes, and decide to remove “gentoo-sources” from the world file, which basically says that its installed.  So now it works as intended.  But if I go to install an application dependant on the kernel source, then it will try to re-emerge them.  So I told the system that I’ve provided the software and specific version, which is basically saying “pretend its installed.”   And it still works.  So WTF

Long story short, if you use Gentoo, and its wanting to upgrade or downgrade the kernel, try removing gentoo-sources fromthe world file, but adding the exact version to the portage/packages.mask and portage/profile/packages.provided.

As a side note, on Fedora/Redhat/CentOS/YUM based systems, add a line stating “exclude=kernel*” to the /etc/yum.conf file (or the .repo files) and it will lock out kernel upgrades on those systems.

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Merry fsckin’ Christmas!

by on Dec.07, 2008, under Funny

Had to post it, as Aaron said, “Epic!”
The Dan Band “I Wanna Rock You Hard This X-Mas”

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SSH Tab completion!

by on Nov.29, 2008, under Computers, Linux

So I was using stuble upon and I found a cool one.  Adding tab completion to SSH/SCP!

The original code is at http://drawohara.com/post/6584031/life-changing-shell-function

But I propose a slightly different egrep line, which helps me at work (as our hostnames have numbers in them)

Basically, edit your .bash_profile or .bashrc files ( I prefer .bash_profile ), and add in the following lines:

SSH_COMPLETE=( $(cat ~/.ssh/known_hosts | \
sed -e 's/ .*//g' -e 's/,.*//g' | \
uniq | egrep -v "^([0-9]{1,3}.){4}$") )
complete -o default -W "${SSH_COMPLETE[*]}" ssh
complete -o default -W "${SSH_COMPLETE[*]}" scp

Once added, type source ~/.bash_profile (or ~/.bashrc)

This will parse the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file on login, and find any hostnames (but not IPs) and store them in a temporary variable.  This variable is parsed to add tab completion to the ssh and scp commands.

To use, type ssh dan-[tab] and it will auto complete the domain (if it was previously listed in the known_hosts file!)

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