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VMWare ESXi, Linux, and Sub Interfaces

by on Apr.13, 2009, under Computers, Linux, Work

So I thought it was time to add something useful again to my blog.

Working with something for work, I had to configure a FC4 box with multiple IPs on different subnets, binding them to a sub nterface (eth0:1, eth0:2 and so on)

When we first got everythng on, only the primary IP address were working (bound to eth0 and eth1).  All other interfaces were resolving to the physical ESXi servers MAC address on the switch, which is no good.  After looking around, I found out there wasn’t support for this, everyone was saying to configure a Brige, or NAT everything through the local machine, which would NOT work out in our situation.

So after thinking a bit, I remembered the other issue we had with older OpenBSD 3.8 machines and the native VIC driver which was making the machines randomly crash reporting an unsupported mode.  Well the resolution for that was to shut down the guest, and add in ethernet0.VirtualDev = “e1000” and ethernet1.VirtualDev = “e1000” to the guest-name.vmx file.  So I figured I would try this on the Fc4 machine too, figuring I couldn’t lose anything.  Well, I didn’t lose anything, but I gained a working ssystem, with sub-interfaces!

So for all of those out there with weird networing issues on an ESXi (ESX as well) guests, try changing the network emulation from built-in VIC to intel e1000!

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Patching DNS

by on Aug.13, 2008, under Computers, Work

So yea, the dreaded day came and went.  That stupid DNS bug sucked.  I think we got hit by it at work before the patch, though nothing major changed and we had no concrete evidance.

So on top of everything else, I found a way to patch our 4 years out of date server…..by upgrading it.

Because OpenBSD has to be upgraded one version at a time, I litterally did 5 OS upgrades in one night…on 3 different severs!

Here is some boredom pics from when I was upgrading in Chicago

5547 My Console into the server
5550Upgrading the OS
5554DNS is finally patched and working. YAY!

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Stopping Spammers, while mobile

by on Nov.01, 2007, under Computers, Work

So I was in our new DesPlains facility, when I got a page. “green mail queue above 600 (1000)”. Stupid spammers.

So I turned on bluetooth, connected to the internet with my cell, and took care of business. Stopped the spammers, dead in their tracks while being completely wireless and mobile.

/me kicks the spammers ass.

Mobily kicking spamming ass

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Towers, and Junk

by on Aug.25, 2007, under Life, Work

Ive been trying to get email posting working, but its broken, or something.

Anyways, after doing some work today in Woodstock, I had to go to one of our CRLK wireless towers with an installer to help a fellow netop-er, and I took some pictures while I was out there.


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