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by on Feb.22, 2010, under Funny, General, Life

So I just signed up.

Being a geek, you know, I want to meet other geeks, and to be honest, I havent had much luck at all. \

So anyways, I signed up for this “geek” site, they are basically for all “geeks.”  Sports, computers, sci-fi, just to name a few. Sounds fine, and dandy.

Sounds good over the rest of the ‘dating’ sites.  But there are some bad things that are annoying me.

Lets break it down.

+1 catering to geeks.

+1 making it geek

-type neutral.

-1 Interface

-1 Contact us.

-5 About us.

-1 page/content Layout

-1 contact

Alright im just going to stop there.

So one, the interface. I somehow toggled the “you cant view my hometown” option, and now i am “dan from ,illinois” and i cant figure out how to change it.

the “contact us” page (i was going to ask how to flip that bit) was asking me for my name, email and if i was already a member (i am signed in, DUH)

the layout of everything sucks. its like web 1.0 days, and they repeat the same functions over and over.

contact sucks.   everyone, and i mean everyone always sends a welcome email, gk2gk didnt even say “hi”

and heres the kicker, i saw this after i signed up and crap–the about us page.  Yaknow, I cant even describe it. visit the link [http://www.gk2gk.com/about/] and watch the video for yourself.

Oh yea, and one last note, firefox kept warning me about unencrypted content on the site.  Id be very weary entering in any financial transactions with them.

I am removing my account from there ASAP

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by on Nov.21, 2008, under General, Life

..Effing sucks

Up all night caughing because the anti caughing medicine dehydrated you, then going to bed and having work call you a few hours later because some stupid thing couldnt wait for someone else to be in the office.

Fun times.

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by on Nov.12, 2008, under Life

I got a new kitty today.  Ive been wanting one for a while now, and finally had time to go get one and such.

So here is Adorabell, who I got from Animal House Shelter, in Huntley, IL.

I have decided to call her Zelda (Based on the legend of zelda video games) and not keep her shelter name.

Here is a link to pics for everyone to enjoy!


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Super powered caffine enabled melatonin dream

by on Sep.28, 2008, under Funny, General, Life

So the last few weeks I’ve been having a hella time sleeping, not entirely sure why, so after a weeking gaming at Sydeshow’s, I decided to pop a melatonin tab to help me sleep (which it did wonders so far).  One of the “side effects” of melatonin is that it creates more vivid dreams, so that on top of a caffine pumped DrD, created one weird ass but interesting dream.

I remember being in my dads house with my brother, and he lets someone downstairs to me and has them talk to me.  I see a paper with an email that starts with “Ranson-08-??” and I for some reason think he is going to rob us, so I jokingly tell him “If your going to steal stuff, at least spell ransom right.  He smiles and fixes it and walks away.  As I think its odd, I get up to catch him driving away in a grey unmarked van, writing down the license plate number, but I miss the last digit.  I see my brother and he recites the plate number but backwards, it confuses me and I forget what I think the last digit was, and he forgets the whole thing (we are both known for having short term memories).

So as I am about to call the police, I see my dad and tell him what happened, he starts walking out the front door thinking he sees the people when it really was someone else, as he does that, I see 2 turtle wax cars pull up (weird i know, green cars with the turtle wax logo).  Out of one car comes a down syndromed kid and either his sister or caretaker (whoever, she was still cute) and they both walk up to our house not saying anything.  The kid keeps trying to walk into the house while I push him back, the girl finally says “so…we were told to just walk in the house and sidetract you guys,” so I freak and immediately run downstairs to my room, and see my window open and my TV missing.

This is where i wake up in a confused, angry and pumped state.

Its amazing what extra caffine (thanks BAWLS Guarana) and a sleep aid (melatonin tabs) can do.  At the end of it all, I woke up refreshed and rejuvenated, which I haven’t felt in so long.

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Its done…

by on May.24, 2008, under General, Life

So, I finally moved! With the help of friends and family, I was able to get most of my stuff (minus a few things left behind which I still need to pick up and clean/whatnot).

It didn’t very long, and now, Im posting this from my new home!

Heres some pics of the new place from erlier today!


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Finally – Im moving

by on Apr.23, 2008, under Life

So I decided its time for me to move out.  I’ve lived at home (with my dad and older sister) for a while, and a few little things kept bugging me.  So I decided to move on, and get my own place.  Its still in town, near where other family lives, but its my own place, where I can be alone and not bothered.

So I get to pay the rest of my deposit tomorrow after work, then I get to pick up my keys Friday, May 23rd and start moving in on the 24th and 25th.

This is a big step for me.   I am happy, and nervous at the same time.

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Mob Relations?

by on Dec.25, 2007, under Life

So tonight at our family holiday party, my grandpa was talking about some family history and it came up that there is a mausoleum for a few of his uncles. Which I thought was cool in itself, but it gets better.

So apparently, this mausoleum belongs to the Mangano family, and one of its residents, is Lawrence “Dago” Mangano, one of Al Capones right hand men.

Some outside links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Mangano and http://www.crimemagazine.com/mangano.htm

And heres my grandpa!

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29 dimentions of compatibility my ass

by on Nov.28, 2007, under Life

Just another thing to add to my rants and depression.

I bet they are going to start sending me random people who are “matches” to try to get me to pay.


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Red Fedora?

by on Sep.19, 2007, under General, Life

Yea, since passing my RHCE test, I figured I would treat myself. But not to just anything. I got a Red Fedora!

I ordered some stuff from the redhat store, got a few shirts, a few posters, and of course, the red fedora. Pictures included for fun

The Fedora, and Poster

My Desk

I plan on getting a picture of myself wearing the fedora. Ive had mixed reactions from it. But I think its something fun and unique.

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RedHat Certified Engineer

by on Aug.31, 2007, under Computers, Life


I wasn’t sure when I walked out, but I effing did it!

I am now officially a RHCE! [redhat.com | wikipedia.com]

I Scored above average (what was needed to pass the exam) .

See the included image!

RHCE Certification

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