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by on Feb.22, 2010, under Funny, General, Life

So I just signed up.

Being a geek, you know, I want to meet other geeks, and to be honest, I havent had much luck at all. \

So anyways, I signed up for this “geek” site, they are basically for all “geeks.”  Sports, computers, sci-fi, just to name a few. Sounds fine, and dandy.

Sounds good over the rest of the ‘dating’ sites.  But there are some bad things that are annoying me.

Lets break it down.

+1 catering to geeks.

+1 making it geek

-type neutral.

-1 Interface

-1 Contact us.

-5 About us.

-1 page/content Layout

-1 contact

Alright im just going to stop there.

So one, the interface. I somehow toggled the “you cant view my hometown” option, and now i am “dan from ,illinois” and i cant figure out how to change it.

the “contact us” page (i was going to ask how to flip that bit) was asking me for my name, email and if i was already a member (i am signed in, DUH)

the layout of everything sucks. its like web 1.0 days, and they repeat the same functions over and over.

contact sucks.   everyone, and i mean everyone always sends a welcome email, gk2gk didnt even say “hi”

and heres the kicker, i saw this after i signed up and crap–the about us page.  Yaknow, I cant even describe it. visit the link [http://www.gk2gk.com/about/] and watch the video for yourself.

Oh yea, and one last note, firefox kept warning me about unencrypted content on the site.  Id be very weary entering in any financial transactions with them.

I am removing my account from there ASAP

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Eff *buntu!

by on Aug.30, 2009, under General

Yea, thats right, I am saying it.  F YOU *BUNTU!!

Really, its not the OS I hate, its not fully the distro (I do hate some things about debian based systems but thats something else).

My problem is with the *buntu zealots.  “z0MG I jUSt insTALLed (u|myth|eee|ku|whatever)buntu ANd It IS awESOME!!!111oneone”


This and that and everything about hating windows. All-in-all, they keep saying this is for *buntu.  They dont mention its compatible with Fedora, or gentoo, or hell, even debian (*buntus are based on debian!!!).  No, the guides online are specific to to *buntu….

So, I present to you, my quick and dirty php script that converts *buntu based guides into generic linux non-specific based guides.  All by changing the things specific to debian based systems, and adding info for other common package managers.

So here is the original link, that has the “*buntu specific” crap:  http://www.brighthub.com/computing/linux/articles/8729.aspx

And here it is, passed through my script:  http://loclhst.com/ubuntu2linux.php?url=http://www.brighthub.com/computing/linux/articles/8729.aspx

So its still in a alpha state, but you know what?  it works.

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by on Feb.04, 2009, under Funny, General


Take it, I got a 24-

Most of your friends are from the internet, and the only time you see them is when you drive six hours to a meetup or convention. You find it much easier to communicate with people on the internet rather than in face-to-face settings, and you never really feel comfortable in social situations. But you’re a god in some sphere, be it World of Warcraft, Second Life, some message board or a “scene.”

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by on Nov.21, 2008, under General, Life

..Effing sucks

Up all night caughing because the anti caughing medicine dehydrated you, then going to bed and having work call you a few hours later because some stupid thing couldnt wait for someone else to be in the office.

Fun times.

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Super powered caffine enabled melatonin dream

by on Sep.28, 2008, under Funny, General, Life

So the last few weeks I’ve been having a hella time sleeping, not entirely sure why, so after a weeking gaming at Sydeshow’s, I decided to pop a melatonin tab to help me sleep (which it did wonders so far).  One of the “side effects” of melatonin is that it creates more vivid dreams, so that on top of a caffine pumped DrD, created one weird ass but interesting dream.

I remember being in my dads house with my brother, and he lets someone downstairs to me and has them talk to me.  I see a paper with an email that starts with “Ranson-08-??” and I for some reason think he is going to rob us, so I jokingly tell him “If your going to steal stuff, at least spell ransom right.  He smiles and fixes it and walks away.  As I think its odd, I get up to catch him driving away in a grey unmarked van, writing down the license plate number, but I miss the last digit.  I see my brother and he recites the plate number but backwards, it confuses me and I forget what I think the last digit was, and he forgets the whole thing (we are both known for having short term memories).

So as I am about to call the police, I see my dad and tell him what happened, he starts walking out the front door thinking he sees the people when it really was someone else, as he does that, I see 2 turtle wax cars pull up (weird i know, green cars with the turtle wax logo).  Out of one car comes a down syndromed kid and either his sister or caretaker (whoever, she was still cute) and they both walk up to our house not saying anything.  The kid keeps trying to walk into the house while I push him back, the girl finally says “so…we were told to just walk in the house and sidetract you guys,” so I freak and immediately run downstairs to my room, and see my window open and my TV missing.

This is where i wake up in a confused, angry and pumped state.

Its amazing what extra caffine (thanks BAWLS Guarana) and a sleep aid (melatonin tabs) can do.  At the end of it all, I woke up refreshed and rejuvenated, which I haven’t felt in so long.

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Ganon fails

by on Sep.19, 2008, under Computers, General

So just recently, my server “Ganon” died.  He was a good server and did his job well.  But like all good things, he had to die.  The server would power on, but not even POST (Power On Self Test).  I think it happened after he took a nice electric hit from a customer blowing the fuse on the power panel he was plugged into.

But in all good Zelda sense, Ganon fails, so he grows bigger and stronger and becomes Ganondorf.  The new machine is bigger, stronger and badder.  For anyone interested, pictures are listed in the Image Gallery

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Trixbox on VMWare? Sure!

by on Jul.07, 2008, under Computers, General

So some of my friends may know that in the past ive tried to run trixbox on vmware, and know I had to make a hack to get it to work “correctly,” IE the timing issue, and how i fixed it. (I had a post about it here).

So its been working fine, but when I moved, It took me some time to get my trixbox back up, just from different things going on.  So when I did, everything worked fine…except I had no audio being sent from my ata. DOH!

So instead of trying to work with it, i tried something else.  Trixbox has a VMWare pre-made image, which I wanted to try.

download the 2.6.1 VMWare version, unzip, insert into vmware server (1.0.5.andchange)….what?   it was made with a version with newer features?

Looking around, I start editing the files, and see config.version and virtualHW.version.  These look like I should be changing them!  Lets check another working vm…Yup, so I change the version, and next problem, same thing, but it referances the hard drive image.  Doh!.

so i asked google (or my new favorite variant: Goosh)

And I find this page, sweet!  I do what they say, and followed the comment about changing the hard drive (the dd command) and this worked.

Next problem, it doesnt know what kind of system “rhel5” is.  So I edit the config from the gui, and tell it that its type “Other”.   Boot, and it works out of the box.

Now thats sweet!

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Its done…

by on May.24, 2008, under General, Life

So, I finally moved! With the help of friends and family, I was able to get most of my stuff (minus a few things left behind which I still need to pick up and clean/whatnot).

It didn’t very long, and now, Im posting this from my new home!

Heres some pics of the new place from erlier today!


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Virtual Machines, trixbox and joy

by on Mar.02, 2008, under Code, Computers, General

So I decided to get a VM server for at home, reduce the number of machines I have in house, reduce power, and learn while Im at it.

So I got my system, its a Intel Duo 2 Quad Q6600 cpu, 4g ram, 750g hdd and I install gentoo on it.

Everything is going fine, until I get to converting my trixbox. Of course, I shouldnt be doing this because trixbox is realtime audio for a phone, on a virtual server. Ive read the bads about it, but I dont care. In my case, its a glorified answering machine.

So I google, and stumble accross some sites, we have http://pbxinaflash.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66 who had two unique solutions which helped, but didnt fix my issue. I tried both solutions, then in the process of doing so, I realized something. If there is a CPU load of say 5-10% going across, the audio sounds perfect!

So of course, I get to finding a way to geneate a low cpu load, that can be “moved over” when something more important comes along.

Now my script, dubbed “generate-cpu-load.sh” was born.

Here is my script, and where its placed to run

——– >8 start code 8<——–

# (c) Dan Delaney 2008 http://dan-delaney.com
# generate-cpu-load.sh - To generate a small CPU load on the system so
# that trixbox will play back audio without skipping.
# NOTE: This is NOT to be used for a perminant solution, just to work
# around a problem with vmware and asterisk timing.
while true; do
nice -n19 find /etc/asterisk > /dev/null 2>&1

——– >8 end code 8<——–

Of course, we need this to run constantly in the background, so I put it in my rc.local file

echo "nice -n19 /root/generate-cpu-load.sh &" >> /etc/rc.d/rc.local

and to start it without rebooting: sh -c "nice -n19 /root/generate-cpu-load.sh &"

Now, dont go knocking me down because this creates a constant CPU load. This does not make the system ready for production, nor may it work on anyone else’s system.

If you find this helpful or just whatever, just drop me a line and say so!

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Red Fedora?

by on Sep.19, 2007, under General, Life

Yea, since passing my RHCE test, I figured I would treat myself. But not to just anything. I got a Red Fedora!

I ordered some stuff from the redhat store, got a few shirts, a few posters, and of course, the red fedora. Pictures included for fun

The Fedora, and Poster

My Desk

I plan on getting a picture of myself wearing the fedora. Ive had mixed reactions from it. But I think its something fun and unique.

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